Before applying for dual citizenship in Vanuatu, be sure your current country allows dual citizenship: dual citizenship is allowed by Vanuatu, but it also must be allowed by your current country. A quick internet search and exploration of your country’s citizenship laws will get you the information you need.

Although there are many countries that do not allow dual citizenship, more currently do allow it, including the world’s most populous countries (with the notable exception of China). To acquire and maintain citizenship in two countries, you must be able to satisfy the laws and citizenship requirements of both.

  1. Where to apply for Vanuatu citizenship by investment: To apply, you will need a citizenship application process service provider. Your service provider will guide you through the process and help get your application packet completed. Once the application packet is complete, your service provider will submit the packet and track its progress through the regulatory steps in Vanuatu.

You can find the most experienced and best service provider here: In addition to being the oldest service provider, VRP-MENA is also the only provider with representatives actually in the office of the Consulate of Vanuatu.

  1. How to apply for citizenship by investment: Download the DSP application here ( and complete it. VRP-MENA agents are available to help via phone and email. There are separate sections on the application for the principle candidate, spouse, dependent children (less than 18 years of age), and other dependent residents. The last category can be used for children 18-25 years of age or parents or other family members over 65.
  2. Complete your application packet by collecting your paperwork and funds for investment, fees and other expenses. Required funds include contributions to Vanuatu of USD $200,00 for the primary applicant and additional contributions for each dependent (a total of USD $230,000 for a family of four).

Paperwork requirements include a valid passport, birth certificate, state-issued ID card, photos, medical and police certifications and financial information. For dependents, it also includes marriage and birth certificates.

  1. You will need to wait 4-6 weeks for approval. After you apply for second citizenship by completing your application packet, the Vanuatu Government will perform a series of checks and your application will be submitted to the Citizenship Commission for approval. In addition, you’ll be asked to pay citizenship fees in two installments, along with the application and background check fees.
  2. After the Citizenship Commission approval, you will be mailed a copy of your passport and citizenship papers. The last step is to take your citizenship oath and get your original paperwork. This oath can be taken in Vanuatu or in a Vanuatu embassy or diplomatic mission. If these locations and schedules do not meet your needs, you can also invite (and pay for) a Vanuatu official to visit you and deliver the oath and paperwork.

    Your service provider can help find locations and schedules for oath ceremonies, which may be held in Vanuatu diplomatic missions and consulates worldwide. Vanuatu diplomatic missions and consulates can be found in: Australia (Canberra and Sydney), Belgium (Brussels), China (Beijing and Shanghai), France (Paris), Hong Kong, India (New Delhi), Lebanon (Beirut), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Morocco (Rabat), Netherlands (The Hague), New Caledonia (Noumea), New Zealand (Auckland), Singapore, and in the United States at the United Nations in New York.

Why apply for dual citizenship?

Easy process: Obtaining dual Citizenship in Vanuatu is a quick and easy process. The application process takes only 4-6 weeks, it doesn’t require any prior residency, there are no language requirements, and applicants without a criminal record are accepted from almost all of the world’s countries.

Freedom: Vanuatu offers Financial freedom, tax freedom and freedom from conflict.

Dual citizenship in Vanuatu offers freedom on many levels. The most well-known is perhaps tax freedom, as Vanuatu citizens enjoy very low personal taxes, and business registered in Vanuatu pay no taxes at all. Vanuatu also offers a very low regulation of business environment.

Vanuatu has been an international business center since the early 1970s, and infrastructure to support business is strong. Vanuatu offers banking with several international banks, just enough regulation to comply with international business and banking regulations, and communications and service infrastructure to support business needs.

In addition, a Vanuatu passport offers visa-free travel to many countries (over 110 at the current count) including visa-free travel to Russia. European Union travel freedom includes the Schengen region.

Vanuatu is also a haven away from international pressures and conflicts. Vanuatu has no standing army, a culture of diversity and acceptance, and it continuously scores extremely well on the happy planet index of the happiest countries in the world.

Living: For those intending to relocate, Vanuatu offers a tropical paradise and easy communication.

Vanuatu is a tropical paradise with incredible natural beauty. With more than 80 volcanic islands, beaches, boating, scuba and snorkeling, hiking, volcano climbing, and backwoods camping in tropical jungles are all within easy travel distance. The country offers the beauty of nature wherever you look.

Communication on the islands is easy for foreigners who speak either English or French, which are both official languages of Vanuatu. In addition to these European languages, the islands are home to hundreds of native dialects, but the local Bislama lingua-franca is common to many of the island’s villages.

Communication with the outside world is as easy as picking up your cell phone thanks to local high-speed cell service or tapping into your computer thanks to an undersea data cable connecting the country to the world.

Family: Vanuatu’s honorary citizenship program is family friendly.

The family-friendly honorary citizenship program allows entire families to gain citizenship at once, including not only spouses and dependent children, but older children (up to age 25), and older relatives (over age 65). The investment required for additional family members is relatively small, and citizenship is hereditary, allowing new family members to gain citizenship from birth.

For those that apply for dual citizenship, Vanuatu offers an extremely attractive home base to world travelers, digital nomads, outdoor adventurers, international business people, and retirees looking for a tropical lifestyle.

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